Mariah Carey’s hand and footprints were immortalised at the TCL Chinese Theatre yesterday. The hand and footprint ceremony is considered more prestigious than having a star on the Walk of Fame. The hand and footprint club is considered to be more exclusive. I don’t think there can be any doubt here though that Mimi belongs though, right? Think of how many hits she has. It’s hard to remember now, I know, given that Mimi’s, um, performing standards aren’t what they used to be. But she is indeed a legend. And she’s the Angel of Christmas. Now that Halloween is over, it’s officially Christmas season. This is why this happened, right at the start of Christmas season, November 1st.

I am always fascinated by these events and the other famous people who show up to celebrate the person being honoured. Bryan Tanaka was there for Mimi. And Lee Daniels spoke. But I don’t see photos of anyone else. Not even Dembabies. Dembabies were there when Mimi got her star on the Walk of Fame two years ago. Do you remember when Moroccan interrupted her posing? Remember when he climbed all over her and she was like, child, this is MY moment, I’m not seeing you.

No but seriously, does she have no other friends in the business (aside from Brett Ratner and we know why he didn’t show up)? I worry about this. She already lives deep inside her own head. It’s not like her boyfriend is anything more than a glorified prop. Many people are suspicious of her manager. Is Mimi lonely and alone?