Dear Gossips, 

For a lot of people this year, the holidays are nothing like what we’re used to which is why, where we can, we are improvising, figuring out how to keep some traditions, only modified according to guidelines. In an ordinary year Jacek and I would be in Vancouver to spend Christmas with the Polish side of our family. We’d stay with my best friend, Fiona, and her husband. Tonight we’d have dinner with Fiona and tomorrow we’d go over to my in-laws and observe a traditional Polish Christmas Eve. This year we’re doing it all on Zoom, as together as we can be, just like so many families around the world. 


Mariah Carey’s Christmas tradition, as we all know, is to be in Aspen. And nothing can keep our Christmas Butterfly, the Queen of Christmas, from her perfect Christmas. In 2020 though, instead of flying to Aspen on a private jet, Mimi travelled there via…

An RV?!

Obviously an RV suitable to her standards. Apparently it’s like an apartment – two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, more than one bathroom, and even a laundry facility. It’s almost the size of a tour bus. Take a look:


Are we comforted by the knowledge that Mimi, our Christmas Angel, is in her Christmas happy place? I am, always, but now more than ever. Mimi is basically our Christmas patroness now. (Ha. Patroness… patronus?) She must be protected. 

We are dark tomorrow and Friday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and will be back to posting on Monday, December 28. 

To you and yours from all of us… 

We hope you’re safe, we wish you joy and rest, peace and love. Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Everything!

Yours in gossip,