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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 21, 2017 19:25:19 July 21, 2017 19:25:19

Lionel Richie and Mimi’s All The Hits tour was supposed to start earlier this year but was postponed after Lionel had knee surgery. So now the kickoff is tonight, in Oakland. They’ll be performing 22 shows in 22 cities until September 5. It’s not unmanageable for most artists…but we’re not talking about most artists. We’re talking about Mimi. And Mimi, well, as you know, she has her own work ethic.

I’m going with my friend Marci on August 24th in Toronto. That’s the last week of the tour. So we’ll have a good idea by then what to expect from Mimi. How late she’ll be. How… um… energetic she’ll be. Obviously I can’t wait. Actually no, I can wait. We can wait. We probably will be waiting. Unless somehow Lionel Richie can convince Mimi to stick to a set schedule and actually take the goddamn stage when she’s supposed to. It’s one thing when we’re dealing with her Vegas residency and she doesn’t have to fly from here to there and you can stick her in a wheelchair and just wheel her from one floor of the hotel to another. But on tour? When there are buses and planes and different checkpoints to manage? It’s a whole other level of maintenance and drama and maintenance of drama.

Here’s Mimi out in Beverly Hills yesterday with Bryan Tanaka. I guess she’s all rehearsed, totally ready for tonight? If you’re going, let me know how it is. And if it’s anything like that video I posted earlier this week:


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