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As you may have heard, Mariah Carey will be joining The Voice this season as an advisor. Yesterday they released a video with all the judges fangirling over her. Near the beginning, when Adam Levine is all like, “OMG it’s Mariah f-cking Carey”, Mimi tries to be modest, all “oh stop it”. As if. That was probably in the contract when she signed on: for the duration of Ms Carey’s appearance, all judges must go out of their way to remind people that she is MARIAH CAREY, the legend. 

Not surprisingly, and adorably, Kelly was the one who didn’t have to pretend. Kelly’s the kind of stan who will spend the whole time talking to her fave about her fave. Which is exactly what she does to Mimi. Mimi’s about to give that speech she always gives (not the one about beauty school, and not the one about how she’s only slept with five people, and not the one about how hard it was to give birth to her twins) about when she was a backup singer and before she can finish, Kelly cuts in like, “I know! I know! Brenda K Starr!” God she’s cute, I love her so much. 

Mimi, as you know, is currently touring Asia ahead of the release of her new album, Caution, on November 16. Dembabies are with her. Or, as she says now, “demkids”. It’s not a new thing for Moroccan and Monroe to join their mother up on stage. But Roc and Roe are holding their own mics now and clearly not uncomfortable with it in their hands:


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Here’s Monroe doing the S-P-I-R-I-T chant from "The Distance":


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How long before a Mimi Mommy and kids duet happens? And will the entire song be demkids singing about what a great – and thin and curvy and the most beautiful – mother she is? 

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