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Mariah Carey is releasing a new album November 16 called Caution. Which means she’ll be on a promotional push for it through the holidays, her favourite season. Her own season. The first two songs off the album, “GTFO” and “With You”, didn’t do much. A third song, “The Distance”, dropped last night. It’s the best of the three so far. I’m not sure it hits that sweet spot, for me at least, but it’s definitely the strongest out of what we’ve gotten to date. I do have some questions though…

“The Distance” is about having a love that’s stronger than the haters. Like when you’re in love so hard, it’s the two of you against the world, and you think, you believe, there’s no doubt in your minds that you’re going to make it. When I was listening to it this morning, I tried to remember when I’ve ever seen Mimi in that kind of relationship. Like all-consuming, obsessive love. Say what you will, for example, about Cardi B and Offset, but there’s no doubt, she is infatuated with him. Same goes for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. And definitely Prince Harry, there’s no doubt how he feels about Meghan Markle. That’s the intensity that “The Distance” is about. So… which one of Mimi’s relationships has been that way? 

Mimi is currently on tour in Asia. Yesterday she posted a video from Taipei of her and Dembabies making dumplings. Monroe and Moroccan are getting old enough now where they can’t help but troll each other, take jabs at every opportunity. In this one, Roc is making fun of Roe for thinking they’re online, or something. Mimi has no idea what they’re up to because part of growing up is that you start creating your own space, space for your own secrets, your own language, your own world. And by the time they become teenagers they’re basically like aliens. What is Mimi going to be like with two teenagers in the house?! 


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