I’d like to begin today’s What Else? by showing you how our butterfly angel elusive chanteuse shoots from home. A friend of mine sent this over to me as soon as Mimi posted it and said that we need the same. WE ALL DO. I’m already on Jacek’s ass to find this and get it for me because all I do is shoot all day from home and although my lighting is generally OK, I can tell you it’s not as good as Mimi’s. Plus she has space on her stand for a script. Also, of course, she’s seated herself on that chair to show her best side. Our Mimi teaches us every day. 


This is the best thing I’ve read today – not surprising because Michael K wrote it – and it’s about a Calamari Man. Even if you know Calamari Man’s story, you still should check out Michael K’s post about him because while Calamari Man is a delight on his own, Michael is his best publicist. I started screaming at “deep fried treasure” and then blacked out at “squid jewels”. (Dlisted) 

Melanie Griffith wore this outfit 30 years ago but you know what? It works for 2020. I feel like I’ve seen Bella Hadid in a version of this multiple times. The only thing that tips you off that Melanie’s is from the past is those shoes. But maybe give it a year. Because I could see them coming back too. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I have never seen this man before. Had never even heard his name. Don’t know the show he’s on. But I cared about this story because people were wondering about what cosmetic treatments he’s had done. Look, when I first saw his face, I thought was maybe 30. And I just showed his picture to Jacek and asked him to guess how old this dude is and he said 22! Yes, the t-shirt has a lot to do with it, and the hairstyle, you’d think he’s like a college bro who hangs out at the sports bar. But still. (Cele|bitchy) 

Have you ever wondered what Roman emperors looked like? I mean I don’t sit around thinking about this but now that they’ve done the computer imagining of it based on busts…are you any more excited?  (OMG Blog) 

Jennifer Garner loves Schitt’s Creek and interviewed the cast – a lot of people are predicting Schitt’s Creek will win the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy. We know who Jennifer is voting for. (Vanity Fair)