Dear Gossips, 

Halloween is f-cking over, finally. And you know what that means? You must know what it means. When October 31 becomes November 1, only one person should come to mind. She has trained us for this. Before November 1 she tells us “not yet”. Because, of course, obviously, this woman will not be rushed. Halloween isn’t really Halloween for her. Halloween is actually “not yet season”. Which is hilarious to me, what she’s done with Halloween – basically turn it into a trailer for the main event, and she is the main event.


So, without further ado, let the thawing begin! As Mariah Carey has declared…


This is when Mimi takes over, sweeping away the mess of Halloween and orders us to be festive. This is also when Mimi makes most of her money, LOL. These next six weeks pay for Mimi’s whole year. And all the years. As I have said, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is Mimi’s eternity. All of her descendants will be living large off this song forever and ever and ever. 

For now though Mimi’s prepping for her Merry Christmas One and All tour, kicking off in two weeks in Highland, California. The Christmas Butterfly is doing two shows in Canada, Montreal and Toronto. Disappointingly I’ll be out of town on both dates. But I have been to one of Mimi’s holiday shows – and if you’ve never had the experience, it’s worth it to see the Pop Queen Santa Claus during this time of year. It’s campy, it’s corny, it’s a sing-along, and it’s a comedy show. Because even when she’s not trying to be funny, she is f-cking hilarious. 


IT’s TIME!!!!!

Yours in gossip,