Dear Gossips,

Something extraordinary happened yesterday and, if you weren’t already on it last night, it deserves your attention – because moments like this don’t come around too often. 

Mimi walked down the street in New York, unassisted. 

I know, right? 

As we have seen through the years, our elusive butterfly avoids walking as much as she can. There are people in her life who do the walking for her by engineering anything they can into a carriage that can transport her from point A to point B which, sometimes, is from one side of the room to the other. And that’s perfectly acceptable because Mimi has to conserve her energy, the energy to be Mimi. 

But the car broke down. And I guess there was no other option? So she put on her heels and decided to do it herself. In Balmain, naturally. 


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What makes this extra amazing is that it was raining. She is a HERO. 

Other observations: Mimi doesn’t use AirPods. Same. I can’t even use earbuds let alone AirPods because my ear holes are too shallow. Seems like every day these days I see someone running around in a panic because they can’t find their AirPods. AirPod loss is a real thing in these times. 

Next…does she break into a light trot at the end of this video?! I didn’t even know that was possible. I didn’t know Mimi could lightly trot and especially when she’s not in a bikini on the beach to show off her lovely bouncing breasts in slow motion.

Finally, how far did she actually have to go? Half a block, maybe? A full block, tops? Yeah, and? Whatever distance the vehicle is needed for is the correct distance if it means Mimi doesn’t have to be on her feet. Because now she’s going to need a whole 48 hours to recover from this effort. And think about what we might miss because she has to “rest”. 

Yours in gossip,