Dear Gossips, 

The Billboard Music Awards happened last night and since I’m still overseas, I don’t really have a minute-by-minute understanding of what went down during the show but I can tell you that my algorithm is set to Mariah Carey, always, so I do know that Mimi was given the Chart Achievement Award, recognising the unparalleled success of all her music but especially the song that has established Mimi’s immortality: “All I Want for Christmas… Is You”. 


Which is fitting – because immortality is the conquering of time and as Mimi said during her acceptance speech, she doesn’t acknowledge time. Her Christmas song, then, is how she has defeated time. 



As you can see, our Christmas angel looks, well, like a Christmas angel. All white, titties out, tiny dress, and big hair. Huge hair. I actually love this hairstyle on her and however many packs of extensions it took to achieve was well worth it. I’ll be trying for the same as soon as I get home. 

This is Mimi season. We’re in the second half of November now, it’s Thanksgiving week in the US, it is, officially, the holiday season. Or, as she would say, the “festive” season – Mimi is always at her sparkliest during her season. That said, are the outside sparkles masking the inside blues? 

The streets are speculating that Mimi is single, that she and Bryan Tanaka are over. He wasn’t seen at the kickoff of her Christmas tour and he hasn’t shown up on her socials in months. So Mimi might not have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe this year. 


Should we Gossip Genie a Christmas miracle for her? Who is worthy of our Christmas butterfly angel chanteuse?! The thread is open at The Squawk. Please provide your suggestions! 

Yours in gossip,