Before we get to her jeans though…

Mimi stepped out in an outfit that shocked me the other night while out for dinner with Bryan Tanaka. It was, like, a coat. And it wasn’t… tight. Not at all tight. Look at it. 

Even Mimi’s ski jackets are tight. She will create a waist when she’s wearing a parka, this is how committed our butterfly is to showing off her curves. How did this coat even end up in her wardrobe?! Especially now that she’s so skinny, so very, very skinny, the skinniest in every room? 

Last night made way more sense. Last night Mimi stepped out in a leather jacket over a red bodysuit (obviously)…and please, PLEASE check out these jeans, paying close attention to the waist. 


What else do you need me to say?! 


Back in the day, Mimi used to cut off the top of her jeans when low-rise was everything. This is that, I think?, but in reverse. Is she on to something? Is she starting something? I can tell you, definitively, right now, that I will never wear my jeans like this. But my style, as much as I love her, is not Mimi style. Mimi style may be your style. Tell me if you would do your jeans how Mimi is doing her jeans.