Monroe Cannon, known in the culture as one half of “Dembabies”, which is what her mother calls her and her twin brother, Moroccan, is now a model. Her mother, of course, is Mariah Carey, the elusive butterfly chanteuse and light of our lives. Monroe is now ten years old – and she’s doing her first commercial, featured in the new Oshkosh ad:


She’s adorable, and of course she’s paying tribute to her mother here as she’s narrating the spot with her mother’s words as, naturally, a butterfly floats around and Monroe also drops a little Mimi choreo in there, one of her patented moves. 


Mimi is no doubt proud of Monroe, proud of her kids. Always. But I haven’t seen her sharing any of this on her channels. That could be because of how the deal is structured. Securing Monroe’s participation is one thing, but it doesn’t mean that Mimi has to also promote the brand on her social media accounts. You know what’s making me laugh though? 

Monroe is ten, she and Moroccan just turned ten back in April. And in the commercial, she at ten is meant to be conveying the thoughts of her mother at ten years old… in 1980…which…

Anyone who knows Mimi knows that Mimi does not like to be dated. We are not to be specific about age. Every birthday is an “anniversary” and while she’s listed officially as born in 1970, we also never talk about her birth year. So let’s not focus on that part of the ad. Let’s not see those dates in the corner. If we’re talking about dates, let’s focus on the most important date on Mimi’s calendar – Christmas! 


She’s talking about Christmas already!!!