Paul Rudd went viral last week for passing out cookies to people in line waiting to vote. Now it’s Marisa Tomei’s turn and she did it in a pair of paint-splatter jeans which are… really cute. I actually have a sleep set that’s tie-dye with these colours. I love it so much. And a track suit too. My only hang-up about it is that I’m afraid to get it dirty. I live with two dogs and one of them is a mess. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I have never before seen this photo of David Schwimmer and, I suppose, by today’s standards, this is an embarrassing hairstyle. But remember, there was a time when he could walk down the hall at school and no one thought it was embarrassing. Because 18 other dudes had the same…coif. Which… I kinda dig it. I always wanted hair like that then and couldn’t have it and by the time I could figure out how to make my hair do that, it wasn’t the thing anymore. (Dlisted) 

The big celebrity news of the day is that Johnny Depp lost his libel suit against the Sun but, really, this was a battle between him and Amber Heard. There are no winners here. It’s hard to root for the Sun. And depending on who you believe in this situation, it’s hard to root for either Johnny or Amber who will be battling in court in the US next and may battle again in the UK. That said, as Kayleigh Donaldson points out, Johnny’s career isn’t exactly suffering. (Pajiba) 

Ariana Grande was great at the beginning of the pandemic in North America when she tweeted out that “like your hip hop yoga class can wait i promise” which LOLOLOLOL still. After all these months. And she is still great for Halloween, telling people to keep their asses home, and reminding them that they can still show their asses in their sexy ass costumes on Instagram without going out. (Cele|bitchy) 

I could not wait to dig into this article about Jeopardy contestants and their episode falling on election day. (The Ringer)