Mark Ruffalo is a four-time Oscar nominee, all in the Best Supporting Actor category, and once again, he is not the favorite to win. He’s probably going to lose to his old buddy RDJ, but he’s enjoying his award campaign anyway, which most recently includes getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 


His ceremony was yesterday, and besides being joined by his family, he was honored by David Fincher, who directed him Zodiac, and Jennifer Garner showed up to support him, too.



We have recently been talking about young dude stars who sometimes sh-t on the silly projects that make them stars, projects that are often geared toward women and girls. Mark Ruffalo was not exactly young when he broke out in the 2000s, but part of his breakout moment are three rom-coms, 13 Going on 30, Just Like Heaven, and Rumor Has It… He has never sh-t on these films, in fact, he is always enthusiastic about 13 Going on 30, in particular, and he and Jennifer Garner have remained friends over the years. 


Speaking of Mark Ruffalo’s friends, though, is he friends with Barry Keoghan? Barry was at the ceremony as well, dressed like a security guard in a Batman movie, and he looked pretty stoked for Mark. This is not a celebrity friendship I had on my bingo card. I would LOVE to hang out for one night with Mark Ruffalo and Barry Keoghan, just to know what they talk about.