This is a great outfit on Marlee Matlin. I mean I know the main feature is that there are a pair of eyes in the breast region, and also a nose where her cleavage might be, and a pair of lips by the belly button but beyond that, it’s a good top, and a good skirt, and have we talked about her skincare because she looks like she did 20 years ago or more. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Leslie Jordan, the unexpected new ambassador for 4/20 and I can get behind this. But you know what’s an even better idea? Leslie Jordan and Snoop Dogg, the collaboration. And of course Martha Stewart should be involved somehow. Someone make this happen! (Dlisted) 

Is it ok for television presenters in the UK to suggest that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be thrown off a balcony? (Cele|bitchy) 

As Sarah said in her piece earlier this week, The Northman is a very good movie and there are many reasons to watch it, and most of them have to do with Alexander Skarsgard. Which is why the whole internet seems to be thirsting over him right now.  (Pajiba) 


It's still Sandwich Week at Eater which means I’m still commenting on sandwich week at Eater. Today’s sandwich piece is about veggie sandwiches, and that mushroom and arugula sandwich does look good at the top of the post. But I’ll just keep saying what I’ve been saying all week – kimchi works in a veggie sandwich. Kimchi and mushroom sandwich? F-CK yes. With a sprinkle of Cheeto dust and it’s almost pornographic, OMG. (Eater) 

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