A few months ago, there was a real chance that Tom Holland wouldn’t  get to be Spider-Man anymore. But then, a deal was made, Spider-Man was saved, and it was Tom Holland who did the saving. Tom is now recounting what happened and WHERE it happened: on the phone, while Tom was in a pub, after a few beer on an empty stomach. He might have been crying. I love Tom Holland. But I’m not convinced that the crying and the beer buzz would have worked for anyone else, like a woman. (Dlisted) 

I wish I knew the Chinese astrological sign of this artist, Maurizio Cattelan, because I would bet that he’s not an Ox. I’m an Ox. We are destined to toil. The Ox will not make her money quickly. She will make it through labour. Snakes and Dragons and Tigers, though, tend to have the more spectacular earning streaks. Maurizio taped a banana to a wall, called it art, and made $120K. I’m not mad at him. He thought of it and someone appreciated it. That’s the market. I wonder if he’s a Dragon. (Pajiba)

Marsai Martin looks adorable in this gorgeous dress – and God I’m desperate to try it on. It’s frothy, and this year has been all about froth. It has a cape, I love a cape. There’s a high neckline, I always have time for a high neckline, and the colours and the dots are delightful. I’d get rid of the belt though. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Art Basel is happening right now in Miami and there are a lot of parties going on, in case you were wondering what Leonardo DiCaprio is doing. (Cele|bitchy) 
Why do our dogs paw us? I have two dogs and they are constantly pawing at me. There is no doubt about why – and it’s not out of love, as this article might suggest. Whenever my dogs paw me, the message is either bitch pick me up, or bitch give me my dinner or bitch I’m bored, can we play, or bitch lift up the covers so I can scoot underneath and place myself in the most uncomfortable position possible for you and I’ll fall asleep comfortably why you contort your body. Why is it that other dogs are so much nicer to their companions? (The Cut)