Can you picture Oprah smoking weed? I’ve been imagining it for half an hour – Oprah, with her dogs by her feet, in her kitchen, a joint between her fingers, and five minutes later delivering an hour-long monologue on why we all must know ourselves and listen to our souls. I can see it… in the past. But I don’t see it now. I see Oprah as an edibles person now. Gummies or baked goods? I think it’s both. (Dlisted) 

Speaking of smoking weed, Martha Stewart’s association with Snoop Dogg originated with weed. Snoop’s not saying here outright that Martha is chronic, but I totally believe that, once in a while, she’s in. That is, if it’s the right blend. What IS Martha’s blend? That’s the next question. I feel like if you’re customising a blend for Martha Stewart, it’s all in the naming. “Linen grass”, for example. Or something like… “Gingham cloud”. How about “soufflé stones?”  (Cele|bitchy) 

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress – what are you thinking? Ball gown or slinky? We’ve been shooting all day in Windsor. It’s a small town. It’s super cute and super English-looking, almost to the point of caricature. And the Long Walk, along which Meghan and Harry will travel by carriage back towards Windsor Castle, is truly and properly majestic. Which is why… you kinda have to go with a princess Cinderella thing, don’t you? Imagine a stretch of road coming down a hill towards an actual real life castle. With perfect lawns on either side. And bunting everywhere. With thousands upon thousands of people screaming and shouting. Think of what an inauguration crowd looks like (without a Trump exaggeration). Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t wrong about picking a dress according to the venue. (Go Fug Yourself) 
There’s a Captain America meme that’s been making the rounds on Twitter. He’s here to tell you about yourself. And I’m shocked. I am shocked because I haven’t seen one yet where Cap is doing his “listen here, kid” thing on… Samantha Markle. Or her brother. (Pajiba) 

Janet Jackson turned 52 years old yesterday. As you know, Billboard is giving her the Icon Award on Sunday. Which she deserved 15 years ago but, fine, whatever. You know what I’m worried about? I’m a bit worried that they’ll try to involve Justin Timberlake in this somehow. Obviously whatever they do will have to have Janet’s approval. And, if you remember what she posted on social media right before the Super Bowl, she has no interest in being associated with JT. But … you know… he has a way of trying to make sh-t about himself all the time. NOBODY NEEDS THIS. So if you’re out there thinking this is a good idea, whoever you are, please excuse yourself. (TMZ) 

By now we all know about Gary Janetti’s Instagram account. He is the imagined inner voice of Big G. Gary was profiled by The New York Times a couple of weeks ago and now, with just days to go before Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle, Gary’s featured at Vanity Fair. The story arc will apparently end on Saturday. Will Big G live up to Gary’s depiction? (Vanity Fair)