After a show like this, there’s always one person I wish we got to see more of. After the Globes, that person is Mary J. Blige. I didn’t see her interviewed on the red carpet. I was flipping between E! and NBC and I think I caught a glimpse of her on a photo wall but there were no amazing Mary J. soundbites like this one from a few days ago: 

On its own, the quote is almost funny but when you listen to the clip and hear Mary J. Blige talk about having to fight off sexual violence from when she was 5 years old to her teen years it’s not so funny anymore. In a year when the entire conversation is surrounding sexual assault survivors and is supposed to be about amplifying their voices, I am disappointed that Mary J. Blige’s voice felt so absent last night. 

Unsurprisingly, Mary J. lost her category to Allison Janney. Janney was incredible in I, Tonya but I finally watched Mudbound yesterday and I can’t get it out of my head. Mary J. Blige is, to be the most cliché, a revelation. I want that Oscar nomination for her. After last night, it feels like she’s losing momentum. Mudbound hasn’t held up in the conversation like other films have and it doesn’t have the traditional big studio backing. I’m worried. Sarah, please tell me I shouldn’t be worried. 

I’m also worried because when are we going to see Mary J. Blige back here? Emma Stone will pretty much be in these rooms every year for the foreseeable future. But Mary J. Blige? She’s got the talent but in that business, I worry that this may be her only shot for a while – if not ever. I hope I’m wrong. 

As for the dress, this is a STRONG showing. She looks amazing. I hope she did a few waves walking down the carpet straight into camera with a little smile just for Kendu, her rotting piece of smelly garbage of an ex-husband