Dear Gossips,

If you missed it yesterday and if you continue to have questions about Chinese zodiac and the corresponding elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and why my ma’s list may not match up to the lists you’re seeing elsewhere online, we get into this on this week’s episode of Show Your Work – please listen. It’s at the top of the podcast, a 10 minute discussion. 

Today it’s the Ox’s turn. The Ox could be the second luckiest sign of the Chinese zodiac during the Year of the Dog. One of the luckiest signs is shining on the Ox. But there is an adversary, someone who may turn out to be a nemesis. So you need to remain focused and aware and if you can stay responsible, that lucky star should be able to minimise your enemy’s damage. 

In addition to that lucky star, there are three other stars that can help the Ox at work. The entrepreneurial Ox could do more business overseas this year as there may be good news internationally. Expansion is a possibility. That said, your shine will attract envy, jealousy. And your luck will attract usurpers. Be humble, don’t flaunt, because over-confidence can screw with your perspective and leave you vulnerable to a takedown. 

Maintain calm through the year. Peace is the priority as turmoil reduces the potency of good luck and can even drive it away. 

1961 Earth Ox – the Year of the Dog should be stable but never get too comfortable. 

1973 Wood Ox – you may find yourself in the spotlight. A sudden surge in fame is possible. Don’t let it mess with your determination.  

1985 Metal Ox – the luckiest of all the Ox during the Year of the Dog. But there is a temptation alert. You may be lucky but that will attract distractions and if you give into them, confusion can set in and your mind will be pulled in too many directions. Gal Gadot is a 1985 Ox. Let’s watch how this year plays out for her. 

If your birth year isn’t listed above, this is not an oversight. It just means that there are no special notes for you – which is NOT A BAD THING. 

Every Ox, no matter the birth year should protect relationships. Do not overburden your partner. Be patient and generous, and forgive when you can. 

Since the Fire is the strongest element this year, you are advised to mind your health and your blood pressure. Be extra cautious about your body. Reconnect with your spiritual community if that is an option. Volunteer. And a full checkup at the start of the Lunar New Year. 

The Ox should also be on alert for small people, petty people, and legal matters. The more successful you are, the more you may encounter rumours and minor legal or administrative headaches. 

February and March is the best time to see your doctor and prioritise your health. In March and April, don’t hand off your work, don’t be sloppy and delegate, don’t pass sh-t off. It can result in legal problems. Attention to detail is key. 

In April and May, pay attention to your liver and your kidneys. Eat sensibly and get more rest. 

In May and June, there is someone born under the sign of the Snake who may sabotage you. Stay vigilant and do not let your guard down around this person.  

In July and August, take precautions when you spend time outside. Maybe don’t sit out in the sun so much. The heat can affect the Ox, especially in a year when the Fire is so strong.

In October and November, try not to overindulge. Put a lot of thought into your diet. Fruits and vegetables and a lot of fish. 

Overall, during the Year of the Dog, the Ox should make physical health and mental health a priority. This is how you protect your luck, by giving it a strong home where it will want to hang out. 

The Rat is coming tomorrow. 

Yours in gossip,