Arguments for: 
- Matt Bomer is gorgeous. This is the face of an angel. Please do not make me use more words than necessary to explain to you why he’s sexy. He’s so beautiful it’s stupid. 
- PEOPLE has never declared an openly gay Sexiest Man Alive. It was time a long time ago. For many, this would restore actual meaning to the SMA brand. And instead of mirroring Hollywood, the magazine could be leading Hollywood. 
- Can’t think of any reason why he would turn it down. 

Arguments against:
- Would PEOPLE Magazine take this risk? 
- Consider who the PEOPLE reader is. The MiniVan Majority. And people on Facebook Would the MVM accept a gay man as the SMA? I would like to believe that the time has come. But the last time I checked, everyday ignorance is still thriving. 
- Matt Bomer is still not a household name. Of course you know who he is. But if you’re reading this site, you’re already predisposed to pop culture currents. While he should be, Matt Bomer isn’t widely considered to have achieved leading man status. That’s Hollywood’s myopia, sure, but it also means that he doesn’t have the overall recognition that’s required for this title. 

Odds: 30 to 1