Matt Damon and his family have been in Australia because he’s shooting Thor: Love and Thunder. For him to have brought the whole crew over to stay for weeks, if not months, it would have to be more than just a cameo right? Which was the case in Thor: Ragnarok. It does seem like he’s reprising his role in that movie though as he was seen on set playing an actor who plays Loki alongside Luke Hemsworth who plays an actor playing Thor.  


That was a joke that worked the first time around. Will it fly the second time around? I don’t ever want to doubt Taika Waititi because why would anyone? So Matt’s back for the comic relief and maybe more and it’ll be May 2022 before it’s out so we have over a year to talk endlessly about what it all means and what this movie will be and whether or not we’ll actually be in a theatre to see it – we WILL be able to get back into theatres by then, right?!  

Anyway, no matter how much they’ve expanded his role, it’s not so big that he needs to be on set every day so on his down time last week he and Luciana and the kids went to the zoo and took a boat ride and then this week they climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge. He looks really good right now. He’s tanned, seems well rested, healthy, and clearly in good spirits. Matt could have as many as three movies out this year – Stillwater, No Sudden Move, and The Last Duel the movie he stars in with Ben Affleck and Adam Driver, directed by Ridley Scott, which he and Ben also cowrote. This is the one a lot of people have been keeping an eye on, because they’ll be playing characters in medieval French times and because the story, about BFFs who duel each other after one is accused of raping the other’s wife, could possibly be yikes. I’m already curious about how that press tour is going to go.