On Fridays, I generally like to wrap up the site by 1pm ET. Our site manager usually gets the last post in about an hour to 90 minutes after that. Today we may have to push that back. Because … Bennifer. 


The Last Duel world premiere is happening tonight in Venice, 845pm local time. Which means the carpet should be happening around 730-8pm, ish, local time. That’s six hours ahead of ET, and so we’re keeping an eye on that action this afternoon – and, please, we won’t be the only ones. I know you know: the moment they arrived together yesterday, everyone’s been waiting for that moment, the moment they make their first red carpet appearance together as Bennifer 2021, to really put a cap on Bennifer Summer. 

But first, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Jodie Comer stepped out together for the photo call today along with director Ridley Scott. They look like they’re having a great time, especially on the water taxi, one of the festival’s most glamourous signature scenes. Ben, in particular, looks pretty pleased with himself? It’s totally Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless conclusions going by pictures only, but he’s had a smirk on his face since yesterday and…same, I would be the same. No further explanation needed. 

While Ben’s at work though, what about JLo? 


Nobody has to worry about JLo, LOL. JLo was also on the water today, on her own, sending the fans into a frenzy, sending the paps into a frenzy, glowing and smiling and waving – giving us a prelude perhaps of tonight. 

I mean, we don’t have official confirmation that she’ll be at the premiere with Ben but… please… as I said yesterday, nobody leaves JLo in the hotel when JLo is in town. And she was just in town a week ago for that D&G show, and that incredible D&G outfit. Which was already all kinds of fire – so what does she possibly have planned for tonight? You KNOW she’s going to be serving a look. 

While we count down to that, a quick reminder of what I wrote in What Else? last month about Matt and Bennifer. At the time, Matt was taking some heat for his comments about using homophobic slurs. And I wondered, “maybe he does want Bennifer to show up at The Last Duel premiere in Venice together. But then again, maybe Matt’s been hiding in plain sight behind his best friend’s headlines all this time”. Matt Damon does NOT mind a Bennifer spectacle tonight. Not at all.