Kim Kardashian says her biggest mistakes happened when she was on ecstasy, including the sex tape. Right. But does ecstasy have anything to do with why and how that sex tape was “released”? It’s one thing to make a sex tape, thousands of which, I’m sure, are being made right now. It’s another entirely to have it, um, accidentally leaked. Anyway, my biggest takeaway from this story is that photo of her shooting an entire large size bottle of Grey Goose. I’ve never seen it before, have you? (Dlisted) 

I think I might have mentioned before that I kinda wanted to go see Paula Abdul in concert? Rich Juzwiak did it for me and… well… it turns out it’s not so much of a concert as… a variety show? Performance art? Confessional one woman play? With backup dancers? Whatever. This show sounds bonkers and after reading this, and savouring every word, I feel like I was there and probably don’t need to go anymore. (Jezebel) 

“I’M GONNA START AT AN 11 AND I’M GONNA TAKE IT TO ABOUT A 15 REAL QUICK!” Matt Damon will host Saturday Night Live next month. I wonder if Brett Kavanaugh and PJ and Tobin and Squee will come along too. Maybe Ben Affleck will play PJ. Or Tobin. Casey Affleck is definitely more of a Squee. Interestingly, I’m not sure Matt has anything immediate to promote. He might just be doing it for kicks. Jason Momoa will also host. A Khal Drogo sketch is obviously too obvious. But… I might not mind, you know? (Just Jared) 

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have been married 34 year. She says she saw his photo in a magazine and decided right there that he was it. And they were Fast Flames™ before Fast Flames! Their Fast Flames did not burn out fast! (Cele|bitchy) 

Right?! Even the Fug Girls agree that for all her crazy ass beauty, Gal Gadot just can’t seem to bring it with the style porn. Ever! Or maybe that’s deliberate. Maybe she really doesn’t have to. But this red suit with the pants flaring at the knees? Not into it. A simple black dress would have been better. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Allison P Davis’s piece on Lena Dunham has been trending in the top 10 worldwide on Twitter for most of the day. This is, as usual, great work from Allison. I’m not sure if it’s great work from Lena. Duana has pitched this for the next episode of Show Your Work, which we’re recording to tonight. Maybe it’ll be a throwback “Do we need to care about” segment. (The Cut)