It’s the fifth anniversary of Matt Lauer getting fired and for those of you who were looking for an update, apparently he’s very sad and withdrawn. I did not need that update but this story does remind me of his secret office button that he would allegedly use to harass women at NBC and lock them in his office. Secret buttons require installation. Like someone came into his office at one point and put that in there and … that, apparently, was normal in the business. (Cele|bitchy) 


I was in a meeting yesterday and people were talking about this toilet story – Drake gifted DJ Khaled four luxury toilets and the discussion we were having was about this brand of toilet because it’s apparently the good sh-t? Now I feel like I need to take a sh-t on this toilet. I’m sure I’ve been to a fancy restaurant with this kind of toilet, but I don’t dump in public. And the only way to test drive a toilet, truly, is to drop a load in there. (Dlisted)

Taylor Russell, fashion star, is one of my favourite celebrity stories of the year. And she continues to serve – last night at the Gotham Awards, Taylor showed up in jeans and a furry top, midriff exposed. That’s exactly the energy you want to bring when you’re in your breakout year. (Go Fug Yourself) 

You know who’s a fan of Elon Musk? Horrible bosses. Dustin Rowles is right here – Elon’s biggest supporters are horrible bosses who want to pull from his playbook. (Pajiba) 

OMG! Bilal Baig gets a feature in The Cut!!!! (The Cut)