Matthew McConaughey, post-Dark Tower

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Here is Matthew McConaughey out and about in New York, where he was in town to speak on behalf of the just keep livin Foundation (that punctuation drives me nuts). He looks good, and not at all like his movie bombed. We’re just a month removed from The Dark Tower tanking, and McConaughey isn’t wearing it. We always ask who has to wear a movie’s failure, but in the case of The Dark Tower, I don’t think anyone is. Because the whole summer was so bad, Sony can just blame Rotten Tomatoes and/or the audience, and move on. (There is still a TV show in the works.) So Idris Elba and Matthew will both walk away unscathed, and McConaughey already has his next movie on the horizon.

It’s called White Boy Rick and it’s about a teenager, Rick, who gets caught up in the drug trade in the 1980’s. So it’s like American Made but instead of planes it’s kids this time. (The 80s were a helluva drug.) McConaughey plays the kid’s dad, a struggling blue-collar guy in Detroit as the auto industry collapses—this would be one of those oh so rare blue collar stories Chris Pratt laments. It sounds like a decent project, but it has a January 2018 release date. February is finding box office value, but January is still a boneyard. So unless it gets moved to friendlier pastures, I’m not holding my breath. However, he also has a Harmony Korine project in the works, called The Beach Bum, in which he plays a character named “Moondog”. It sounds like if Wooderson moved to the beach, which is pretty much the perfect role for Matthew McConaughey.

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