Ali! BORAHAE! I’m sorry I’ve been travelling so I’m a day late on this… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think you’re in England, which is where I am right now, so if it makes a difference, I’m sending you these belated wishes much closer to you than usual. Please feel my warmth and affection from Camden! And good luck this weekend in Sheffield doing whatever Tom Cruise-ness you’re doing down that building, or has that already happened? If it hasn’t happened yet, Tom just happens to be in your country right now so I hope you have that Top Gun/Mission Impossible energy as you attempt this feat for the Roundabout Homeless Charity.


To answer your question about BTS, yes of course I’m excited about PROOF and I’ve actually been restraining myself from posting anything about it until it comes out because once it does, on June 10th, it will be a complete takeover, as it always is when a BTS comeback is upon us. Following along with the tracklist announcements and the inspirations that have been unveiled this week has been almost a full-time job. So re your birthday requests… I assume this is you? 


I know you already know this but we don’t talk enough about Suga’s dancing. He’s not on the dance line because his focus is elsewhere but Yoongi is a GREAT dancer. 

And here’s your other request, Jackson Wang. Is this shirtless shot of him from Coachella too much or just enough? You know what got me super hyped about Jackson? He worked with Daniel Cloud Campos who I’ve been obsessed with from his days touring with Madonna. Their collaboration on the “Blow” video is amazing. 


Hope this is the boost you needed!