Elizabeth! Happy Belated 30th Birthday! I know you’ve been bummed about this milestone and the way things have been the last couple of years. I know you’re exhausted because life is such a f-cking grind. And sometimes it’s especially hard in these times because of how life is presented on social media, where everything sh-tty is filtered out, so those who aren’t necessarily killing it feel even more alone. But you are definitely not alone, Elizabeth. I’m sorry the rug keeps getting pulled. So my birthday hope for you this year is that the fresh start you’re looking for is coming, now that you’re kicking off a new decade. And that when I hear from you in another decade, you’re standing firmly on a stack of rugs that are nailed down super tight. Until then, I’m sending you a song that came out ten years ago, when you started visiting this site. An instant mood-changer. A classic. The Queen. “Countdown.”