TMZ and Page Six had the exclusives yesterday as paparazzi were able to get photos of Tom Brady and Irina Shayk together in LA for a sleepover. Since the pap shots are the origin of the story, outlets are now trying to fill in details about this new situationship through “sources” but none of these sources seem to be bringing us anything original. 


Take PEOPLE for example. According to their source, Tom and Irina have been happening for a few weeks – this isn’t hard to piece together since they were both at that billionaire’s wedding back in June. The source also said that there’s a “spark” between them. Uh, duh. If there was a weekend sleepover, there obviously would have been a spark. And then the source also added that with Tom and Irina, “there is an attraction”. 

Right, so we’re the getting the bare minimum of reporting here. So bare and so minimum that any one of us could have provided these quotes. Of course there’s an attraction – look at them! 


But even though there’s really nothing further to talk about, the reason I’m talking about it is because it’s a good opportunity to point out the gossip journey we’ve all been on where Tom’s love life is concerned. Because two weeks ago, he was linked to Kim Kardashian and many of the same outlets now jumping on the Tom and Irina romance were trying to rumour that Tom and Kim may have been a thing. It would seem now that all of that was total bullsh-t, maybe a little wishful thinking. And some shenanigans on Kris Jenner’s part to run with something she would have known wasn’t true but I’m sure she didn’t mind the speculation. 

To go back to Tom and Irina and the lack of specificity of reporting about whatever is going on between them, since we don’t really yet have a source who is giving up any insightful gossip beyond “they are both hot and horny”, it’ll be interesting to see if they try to keep their sh-t locked down, and for how long. Tom isn’t averse to a red carpet or a photo op – he and Gisele attended many events together even before they were married. And Irina has never been opposed to going public either. That is if they can make it through the summer lust.