Megan Fox’s return to pop culture over the last year has been… really entertaining, right? I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve enjoyed that she’s out here a lot, has been highly visible, but also still not a total open book. There’s still something unknowable about her and it’s a skill, being able to occupy that narrow space between exposure but not too much exposure.  


Megan’s resurgence of course is tied to Machine Gun Kelly, but he wasn’t with her at the Met Gala last night and it was a good call. This look didn’t need their tongues and their hands all over each other. This look is… well… it’s pure sex. And that’s what she talked about with Keke Palmer.  

"I feel like I've always leaned into it, I'm not afraid to be sexy," the star shared.  "I think a woman who's intelligent and also knows how to weaponize her beauty, there's nothing more dangerous than that, there's nothing more powerful than that. I feel like all women should embrace the fact that as the divine feminine we have a lot of power and, instead of rejecting it, I'm happy to embrace it and go for the sexy."


You know what I appreciate about her? She didn’t try to do gymnastics to fit it to the theme. Megan is wearing Dundas and as for how it fits In America? "Because it's on an American girl, that makes it American fashion."

LOL, see what I mean? What’s the point in stretching something that’s not there just to come up with an explanation? There is no explanation. And maybe that in and of itself is the theme – having no f-cks to give, not following the rules. Also, this unofficial comeback of hers. What’s more American, after all, than a comeback?  


Her look is bold, and it’s so suited to her, but it’s also somewhat of a departure. She rarely wears her hair up. And it’s a different version of sexy that she doesn’t often lean into – a sleeker, sharper sex appeal. Megan Fox is typically tousled sex hair, a biker grease and beach kind of sex energy, blurry and smudged. What she’s serving here is a harder sex, an edgy sexiness, and it works just as well as her signature sex.  

What we’re getting from Kate Hudson, however, is the same sexy she’s always about. Kate Hudson loves a sexy dress. Nothing about this feels new to me though, not on her or anyone else, frankly. There’s been a version of this look on almost every carpet for years. At best it’s boring, at worst it’s lazy.