Dear Gossips, 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly announced their engagement last week and drank each other’s blood. They are, for me, one of the great gossip surprises of the last two years – not necessarily surprising that they’re getting married but surprising from how much I enjoy them. Which is a lot. I enjoy the blood-drinking, the soul-breathing, the “I am weed”, the pinky-tethering, all of it. 


Megan and MGK were in Milan the other day for the Dolce & Gabbana show and did a short interview with Vogue about his collaboration with the brand and their approach to styling, but also spoke about their engagement. As usual, their answers are amazing. They may have not intended them to be as funny as they are but there’s no harm here in the humour. Nobody loses. 

Vogue: Congratulations on your engagement, which has become a huge mega-story. Did you anticipate that?

Megan Fox: [To MGK] Are you aware of it? I don’t really look at social media or anything, so I don’t know.

Vogue: But it came out on social media, right?

Fox: Yeah.


Baker: We released it to control the narrative. As opposed to someone just catching a weird cell phone picture of a ring on our hand and being like, whoa! But yeah, I didn’t expect it. I just recorded it on my cell phone. And it wasn’t like we had photographers or anything. It was just like me setting my phone against a cup.

OK but…how many phones?! It was a multi-camera shoot! Why don’t we see it again to appreciate the many camera angles of the proposal: 


I’m counting at least three – one on the wide from below the steps, another directly opposite that’s positioned closer to them, and one behind him, so that she’s the focus. Three, minimum. So, you know, like casual. 

Again, not a complaint here. The opposite, in fact. I love it so much. For all the lifetimes they’ve already loved and for all the lifetimes to come. 

Yours in gossip,