I will confess that I did not watch the AMAs last night but I wanted to write about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a dickmatized appearance on the red carpet. The most famous example of this is of course Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s “we f-cked in the car on the way here” appearance. Legendary!


I had to look up the event (it was a Gone in 60 Seconds event) but I did remember what she was wearing and the way she hung off him like a cat. It was feral. 

Megan and MGK didn’t quite bring that same energy but it’s clear these two are in deep-deep. He worships her, she is enjoying being worshiped. She looked sexy-glam in an emerald green asymmetrical dress. Usually this is not an outfit I’d look twice at but it’s the American Music Awards, not the Met Gala, so it was perfect. And it’s Megan Fox, who has taken so much sh-t for being hot that she deserves to flaunt the fact that she’s a divorced mother of three who’s been f-cking day and night. You smolder all you like, Megan Fox. 


And as for MGK, I like his white harem pants with silver boots. He looked at her with a combination of adoration and lust, which is all he needed to do here, really. Even though he is the performer and a musician so it’s technically “his” work event (she was presenting), the focus was on her. He seemed OK with it by the way he was eyef-cking her, so I hope he was OK with it behind the scenes, too. She doesn’t need a jealous, insecure man at home, especially now that she’s having somewhat of a rebirth online, particularly as it comes to her past films like Jennifer’s Body. In the first phase of her career, Megan was very famous, but she didn’t get much respect or consideration compared to her peers. She was considered Angelina Jolie-lite, all the sultriness without the Oscar or the famous pedigree, hot in a way that was supposed to offend women and entice men (which turned to anger when they realized she wasn’t a blow-up doll). 

The current re-examination (like this piece from The Cut) is overdue and her IMDb is pretty robust right now, with four films in post-production (a horror movie, an animated movie, a dark comedy, and a crime movie). She just needs one project to hit on streaming and at 34, she’s back in front of an audience and dealing with a new media landscape (and social media) that is, hopefully, a little less sexist than it was on her first go around.