Dear Gossips, 

“Our first date we breathed each other” – Machine Gun Kelly to Megan Fox while they’re answering the GQ Couples Quiz. 

When I first saw that the video was almost ten minutes long, I was like…nope, not doing it. And somehow I made it through, in part because of quotes like that. It’s not as concise as “I am weed” and probably not as meme-able, but it’s the kind of thing we now expect these two to drop in casually during their conversations and let me just say this for the record: I am here for it. 


I may not have been ready to make that declaration earlier this week when their British GQ Style cover feature came out, but I’m all in now. I’m into them. I’m into this performance, whatever you think it is... because whatever it is, too much, too weird, not weird enough, been there done that in the 90s, whatever – it’s good for gossip. I mean, of course, obviously, they’ll never be Bennifer, but we can’t let Bennifer shoulder the responsibility of celebrity romance entertainment. There’s already too much pressure on them. 

And besides, celebrity romances come in all flavours. It’s a no-brainer what flavour Megan and MGK are serving, right? Weed! 

Anyway, they’re actually really fun during this couples quiz – teasing and playful, big on personality, low on licking, and you can tell they like each other. They’re obsessed with each other and the idea of what they are together, but I see genuine closeness and chemistry. I’m more interested than I’ve ever been in MGK because of Megan. And Megan on her own is already interesting. My favourite part? It’s not when they “breathed each other”, but her excellent use of the word “nebulous”. 


As they say in the video, her secret is that she’s a nerd, that she could, for example, be a major contender on Celebrity Jeopardy. But she also doesn’t go out of her way to convince you that she’s not stupid. So I’m most curious to see where she’s going with all this… publicity. What’s the strategy here for Megan Fox? What are the next three to five years going to look like for her, whether she’s with him or not? 

Yours in gossip,