As we emerge from months of isolation and distancing, the world is at peak horniness and for this moment in time Megan Thee Stallion’s providing the soundtrack. It’s summer, many are vaccinated or will be soon and we are ready to throw some ass to her new song, appropriately titled “Thot Sh-t”. 


“Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot sh-t”, Megan raps over the chorus to her new record, while talking a whole lot of cockiness in the verses: “I don't give a f-ck 'bout a blog tryna bash me / I’m the sh-t per the Recording Academy”. I mean, if you’ve got it (a Grammy) flaunt it. According to a press release, the song “celebrates women unapologetically enjoying themselves, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of what critics have to say”. 


That unapologetic self-expression and sexual freedom arrives a year after “WAP” had some peoples panties in a bunch — mostly the usual suspects when it comes to policing women’s bodies. It’s those conservative pundits and Republican lawmakers Megan’s calling out in her new video for “Thot Sh-t”, which opens on a U.S. Senator writing that she’s a “regressive whore” in the comments section of one on her music videos before he unzips his pants. He’s interrupted by a call from Meg, who promptly gets his ass in line, explaining that the women he’s stepping on are the ones he depends on. The sobering thought doesn’t stop him from pleasuring himself to her “regressive” music video and after leaving his office she plows him down with a garbage truck. Don’t worry, he doesn’t get off that easy. He cannot escape the booty-shaking as she and her posse of Hotties proceed to haunt him all over town. There’s even a gender-reversed recreation of the bathtub scene in Nightmare on Elm Street, where Freddy Krueger’s claw appears between Nancy’s legs. The Senator escapes the bathtub, but Megan ultimately gets her revenge when she performs plastic surgery on him, taking away his ability to continue spewing hate and replacing his mouth with what he fears most. You’ve got to watch right until the end for the reveal. My jaw hit the floor. Be warned. 


Meg signaled there was cutthroat messaging to come during a livestream last night before the music video premiered. Prior to this she was largely on a mental health hiatus since late April, during which she said she needed to clear her mind, recharge, and focus on writing. She told fans that sometimes you forget you’re that bitch. She also explained that when she first came out she was carefree and doing whatever she wanted, but as her star rapidly rose the magnifying glass came closer and closer until she was so nervous that it took away from her being authentic. Now she’s relearning to have fun and not care what people think and that means bringing back her alter-ego, the icy blonde-haired vixen, Tina Snow. She reminded fans Tina Snow is more than a wig, it’s a lifestyle. Tina is aggressive and she’s powerful and that’s what she wants her music to sound like right now.