Megan Thee Stallion’s interview with Gayle King aired yesterday on CBS. While the interview began with Megan outlining her childhood dreams of being a rapper and close relationship with her parents, the focus and bulk of it was focused on the 2020 shooting incident between her and Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez, which is set to go to trial in September. He has pleaded not guilty. 


The interview is triggering and difficult to watch, and people are saying this is the first time Megan has spoken about it on television or “told the full story”, but that’s not actually true. She has said more than enough, not that she owes us anything. After all, she was shot, right? She was shot but she still has to sit down on national television with Gayle King to convince people that she was SHOT. 

This is the point that makes me feel shame to be part of the Black, or hip-hop community, even as a fan. Because this is their fault. White people didn’t even do this. This is us, particularly Black men, even though they’re not alone. Apparently, the public decided that there was not enough information when she got shot, and the idea that Megan did not get shot began spreading like wildfire on social media in 2020. To be fair, initially neither Megan nor Tory were speaking on it, it looked like an arrest scene, they seemed to be in some kind of relationship, and her best friend (who was there) had seemed to turn on her. Megan did admit to Gayle King that she initially created the confusion by lying to police on the scene and saying she stepped on glass. To protect Tory, and everyone else in the car. What came next from Tory was actually worse. 

I don’t know if Tory ran with the “she didn’t get shot” narrative because the public was going that way, but he started to deny it too. On Twitter, on Instagram, during concerts, on mixtapes. He has been denying he shot her since at least November 2020. So people need to stop saying he hasn't been able to talk. He has chosen to do so, even though it's an unwise decision from a legal perspective. It’s totally foul and vile, and the gatekeepers of the hip-hop community let him split public opinion on this. Charlamagne Tha God and The Breakfast Club let him. Jason Lee, CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, my personal favourite Black media source, (especially initially, but he’s been recently more friendly and kind to Megan and her narrative) did this. The Shade Roomand other outlets who let people debate this in the comments, did this. There is a way to present this as news and do it objectively without throwing Megan under the bus and the hip-hop blogs failed miserably. I know it’s possible because coverage by mainstream media has been objective, yet doesn’t deny it happened. E! News does it all the time. They aired a three minute, fair and important segment about Megan’s interview yesterday on Daily Pop.


But by constantly framing it as a debate, the Black media fueled the sick lie that it didn’t happen in one way or another. So I don't care who wants to now say they believe her or “believe Black women” unless they believed her from the very beginning. Nothing about the story is hard to believe. It’s only difficult for people that hate Black women.

Because while this story is clearly about Megan Thee Stallion, it’s also about Black women. If people can’t believe a celebrity, just imagine the Black women in their everyday lives. When people say it’s hard to believe Megan, their daughters, cousins, and friends are listening. We already know this. 

And celebrities too have largely failed at protecting Megan or educating the public about this as well. Like Ye, who often sticks his nose in other celebrities' business, even though he has the most chaotic public image problems of anyone in hip-hop. But for some reason, the self-proclaimed billionaire decided to publicly support Tory a few months ago, unprovoked and for no reason. That Kanye has a relationship with Tory is irrelevant, anyone can have friends. Bragging about it in the middle of this mess and supporting him is a choice. Kanye cannot have it both ways: be a “genius” one minute and clueless the next. And he does this with known or alleged abusers all the time, trotting them out, making music with them, going on rants about them. It’s wrong. That’s why I think Black men must do this for fun, they have to like it. There’s no way they don’t know what they’re doing. 


Black men need to do better. Not do better in general, not do better in the eyes of white people or the public, but do better by Black women. Black men who love and protect us and aren’t like the others are responsible for the rest. This is on all of them. Because something isn't connecting. Everyone has friends, family and associates–and people aren’t talking. There is a collective disdain for Black women that is killing us, theoretically and literally. The Black femicide rate is high and this example shows that we can’t even count on Black men to see the value in our lives. And still, Black women haven’t decided to abandon Black men wholesale like they so often do to us. 

However, Black women are not immune to mistreating Black women in this way, or being loud and wrong about this particular case. When Black women act like this, they carry water for Black men who hate Black women. These Black women don’t have any real power in the patriarchal society that we live in, but they’re dangerous anyway because they are acting as agents of the patriarchy for Black men, and need to be held accountable. For example, Fox Soul's YouTube show Cocktails with Queens, hosted by Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson and LisaRaye McCoy. They did an extremely problematic, dangerous and cringeworthy segment on this last night. Everyone but Claudia blamed Megan, spread misinformation and said extremely ignorant things. This is unacceptable. I don’t care if they're of a different generation, we are all living in this generation now. And we all have to co-exist, being older or more experienced does not give one license to say dangerous or irresponsible things, especially if it harms Black women, celebrity, elder, parent alike. It’s time to put Black women first. The tradition of “old school” Black people throwing Black women and girls under the bus has to end. It is a disgrace. And these women should not be hosting an opinion show if they aren’t equipped to do it. They have a responsibility not just because of the platform, but because they themselves are Black women. 


It’s not a secret Black women are hated and I am one so not believing me really doesn't matter. What matters is going forward who protects us. Who actually loves us. At the very least, who doesn’t want us to die. Since I have common sense, I’ve always known Megan was shot. Besides having basic logical thinking skills and any sense of pride in being Black at all, people can turn to a myriad of resources that speak to the immense danger Black women are in, largely because our own men have decided not to protect us. YouTuber Paris Milan hyper-focuses her content on protecting Black women, and dismantling the shameful legacy and current reality of abandonment we are forced to experience. Watch any of her videos or go through her Instagram. Now contrast by searching Megan Thee Stallion on Twitter and read what people are saying. This is where we are, this is how low. 

But since Tory fans like to say this all the time, read information about the court case so far. See how it was public information for over a year now that bullet fragments were in her foot. Read about how Megan verbally said he shot her on Instagram live. Read about how Tory trolled her at the Rolling Loud festival last summer to join DaBaby (of all people, he’s gotta go too) onstage. How he’s been living a public life in Miami and wherever else instead of being humble and silent like any logical defendant facing criminal charges and awaiting trial. He is the problem. 

Attached - Megan performing at Coachella on the weekend.