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Megan Thee Stallion was interviewed by Mikael Wood in the LA Times this week to promote her album, Good News, and to recap the wild year she’s had. As we know, not all of 2020 has been good news for Megan. But with the lows, there were also some major highs. Her collaboration with Cardi B resulted in the biggest hit of the year, “WAP”. Her “Body” (ody, ody, ody, ody) is one of the most popular songs of the fall, and is especially hype on TikTok. As Megan told the Mikael:


“If you don’t have no haters, you’re not poppin’. So that just really let us know we’re doing something right.”

She did many things right. She spoke up for herself, she spoke up for Black women, and she produced really, really great art, including “Savage”, another song that’s considered one of the best jams of the year, alongside her hometown idol, and our Queen, Beyoncé: 

“Being from Houston, Beyoncé means everything to us,” Megan says. “I’m pretty sure Beyoncé means everything to a lot of people. But when I got to do a song with her? Oh, my God.”

How about performing that song at the Grammys? According to Megan, she’s in talks to perform “Savage” with the Queen at the Grammys. 

Wait. Let me do that over again with the appropriate reaction: 


According to Megan, she’s in talks to perform “Savage” with the Queen at the Grammys…!!!

Beyoncé, as we know, doesn’t need to do the Grammys any favours. But if she’s entertaining the idea, it’s to stand with Megan.

So will B and Thee Stallion bless the Grammys with their first joint performance?! If you know the song, you know why this would be a MOMENT. As Zoe Haylock wrote at Vulture, Beyoncé’s verses on “Savage” are neck-snapping. And if she could do that through your headphones, imagine what she and Megan would serve if they actually do it live. 

Click here to read Megan’s interview at the LA Times.

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