The G.O.A.T. and two duchesses

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This post is about Serena Williams. So, again, if you’re one of those people who can somehow avoid sports scores until you get home at the end of the day, and you don’t want to be spoiled about what happened today at Wimbledon, now’s your chance to go. 

The Greatest Of All Time is through to the Wimbledon final. She will play on Saturday. I hope she has a good sleep on Friday night. That probably will have less to do with stress than with ten month old Olympia. I’m told babies don’t give a sh-t what you have to do the next day, if they don’t feel like going to bed, you don’t get to go to bed. So Serena may or may not be well-rested on Saturday. I will definitely not be well-rested on Saturday. Because I’m so nervous for her. But that’s why I’m me and she’s Serena. She can handle it. And she’ll have some VIPs watching her when she goes for her 24th grand slam title. Not long after Serena’s win today, Kensington Palace announced the following:

What have I been saying all week? Meghan Markle knew before we did. Royal Meghan was chill as f-ck, like, I don’t have to rush to go see my friend play. I’m free on Saturday and she’ll be there too. 

So it’s the first time we’ll see Catherine Cambridge and Meghan Sussex out together, side by side, without Princes William and Harry. Gah! As if Serena needed any more pressure! OK, OK, OK. She can handle the pressure! Right? She’s SERENA WILLIAMS. 

I need to calm the f-ck down. 

Can we take a moment here to shout out Alexis Ohanian though? Alexis Ohanian has that BDE. He’s the one holding the bottle in the stands feeding their daughter while the champ is out there at work on the court. Which, yes, is what women have been doing since forever. And you know what? HE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT. So this shout-out is for HIS shout-out. 

As for Serena? While I’m over here with zero f-cking impact on what happens on Saturday acting like I’m the one serving, stress-eating for all of us, here’s how Serena’s doing: 


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