Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – in pants! again! but with extra deliberateness today! – were in Birmingham today, International Women’s Day, visiting with students and future changemakers, and they also spent time with Stemettes, encouraging girls and women to pursue careers in STEM. The Kensington Palace Twitter account has several videos and photos from their day, including this tweet that features primarily Meghan. 

I’m highlighting that post in particular because it shows how “official” Meghan is, a reflection of her status with the family, to be the primary feature on what’s essentially one of the royal family’s communication outlets. Well of course she’s official – they’re engaged. But you know how it is. How some people, some institutions, are tight-asses about tradition and formality. Technically, they might say, she’s not part of them, yet. Not until they are married in church, before God. Well, we’re one stop closer to that now too. 

Meghan was reportedly baptised and confirmed this week by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It was a “secret” ceremony. Prince Harry was there with her. I’m pretty sure Kate Middleton did the same. I mean, at least the royal family isn’t a member of the Church of Scientology, you know? 

PS. Look! It’s Harry and a puppy!