Meghan Markle did not join Prince William, Catherine, and Harry today at the Grenfell memorial. It would have been too distracting, not appropriate for the occasion. There is, however, a story about her in the UK papers today. Writing for the Daily Mail longtime royal correspondent Richard Kay reports that on Monday night, Meghan was in attendance at Windsor Castle for the Royal Household Christmas party.

The Queen was there to celebrate with her staff and while she was escorted by Prince Andrew and the Dukes of Gloucester and Kent, Meghan was part of the royal cohort and spent time mingling with Her Majesty’s staff on her own, without Harry parking himself beside her the whole night. As Richard Kay notes, this demonstrates the confidence that Harry and the royal handlers must have in her, which is whys she’s being “fast-tracked into royal life”. This may also be a sign of how the Queen feels about her. I mean, she obviously doesn’t mind having Meghan around. Which, I guess?, means that Meghan has so far passed whatever tests that have been put to her. 

Apparently, while working the room the other night, Meghan told well-wishers that she and Harry spent the weekend at Windsor Castle checking out the state rooms as part of their wedding planning. This the part that’s surreal to me. The Queen spends a lot of time at Windsor. It’s her favourite. So Meghan’s basically going through the Queen’s home…which is her wedding venue. That’s trippy, isn’t that trippy?! I wonder if they took their engagement portraits at Windsor Castle. Or would they have taken them at KP? 

Still no engagement portraits yet. Something to look forward to next week? Serving double purpose as a Christmas card? I think an engagement portrait that doubles as a Christmas card is hilariously cheesy.