Trying to decide how I feel about this hairstyle. I wear my hair like this often on The Social. Not exactly, but with the top half pulled back tight, right off my forehead. Showing my forehead is a priority because, as my ma the Chinese Squawking Chicken says, it can be a lucky spot on your face. Anyway, I call the style the “JLO Pebbles”. Because the way it looks on me is a cross between when JLO did this in the Love Don’t Cost A Thing video and Pebbles Flintstone. The problem with how it’s being worn here is…. the accessory. Why the accessory? The style doesn’t need an accessory. Let the elastic show. It’s OK to show an elastic. When did we decide that the elastic on a ponytail needs to be hidden? There’s nothing I hate more than wrapping that piece of hair around the base of a ponytail just because you don’t want people to see the elastic. As if anyone is thinking that your hair is doing that all by itself. (Dlisted) 

Now that Meghan Markle is about to marry Prince Harry, everyone’s fronting like they saw it in her all along. The latest is that she could have been a Bond girl. Next week we’re going to find out that she could have been Lara Croft. The week after that we’ll be told that she was originally in the running for Captain Marvel. And by the time of the wedding, we’ll find out that Meghan Markle is Harry Potter. (Cele|bitchy) 

Saoirse Ronan is making me so excited for the next three months of award season. Because, as the FUG Girls say, she’s been “flipping the coin”. It’s a different look every time. And it isn’t safe. It’s not boring. It might not be popular but at least it’s not the same as everyone else. I could have done without the earrings here and maybe a different hairstyle but mostly, I’m down with the fact that she’s decided she’s not wearing what everyone else might consider “pretty” or “sexy”. So what’s it going to be on Sunday?  (Go Fug Yourself) 
It’s 2018. Which means it’s time to remember what happened in 2008. What the F-CK. I feel like 2008 was just last year. How did a decade go by? Twilight is 10 years old this year? Um, more significantly, Sasha Fierce is 10 years old this year. (Pop Sugar) 

Britney Spears’s Las Vegas residency is over. She’s on holiday now in Hawaii, seen the other day on the beach in a yellow bikini. It’s obvious a high end resort but also? It doesn’t seem all that private. Look at all the civilians on the beach around her. This made me wonder about her bodyguards. They must be close. In beach gear, probably. Sitting under an umbrella. Trying not to fall asleep in the sun and pay attention to whether or not someone tries to ask Britney for a selfie while she’s laid out on a towel.  (TMZ) 

My friend Kate sent over this article today and it’s my favourite. Did you know that there’s an Olympics… for PARKING!?! How are you at parking? I’m a solid parker. But Jacek’s parking skills are something else, world class. Watching him park is like porn. He is seriously Michael Jordan at parking. I have seen him parallel into some of the most ridiculous spaces ON A HILL. In standard. Here’s where I go off again about driving automatic vs driving stick. Manual drivers are on a different level. You think you’re the sh-t because you can parallel park on a hill into a tight space between two cars with an automatic transmission? Great. Now do it in manual. Manage that clutch so that you’re not rolling backwards and hitting the car behind you. I need to enter Jacek into this competition. Apparently you need to be a valet first though. (The Atlantic)