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This is not a very charitable question to ask but… is anyone really all that upset about R Kelly getting robbed? How much innocence has he robbed? And, you know, it’s been 20 f-cking years since the allegations against R Kelly were made known. Let’s definitely stay outraged at all the pervs and predators in Hollywood. But, at the same time, why isn’t R Kelly getting the same amount of attention? HE’S STILL ON TOUR. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have been forced into hiding and R Kelly is still on tour! (Dlisted) 

Meghan Markle covers the new issue of PEOPLE Magazine. People who knew her from before, like in school or when she was just starting out as an actor, are all speaking positively about her personality. Unlike her ex BFF, Ninaki Priddy whose sh-t keeps showing up in the UK tabloids. Which is interesting. Did Ninaki approach the UK tabloids first? Or did she try the American ones and get turned down? Also… is this how Meghan and Harry are countering the UK publications, once again? You’ll recall, last year, when the news of their relationship first broke, Harry was so unhappy with the British media that it was American magazines breaking exclusives about their relationship. Is this a pattern? (Cele|bitchy) 

This dress is on Jessica Chastain is… a lot. And for a lot of people it’s probably a dream dress, a dress you dream of wearing in a dream. Zuhair Murad has never been my thing though. It’s always panty-hosey and always sheer and there are all kinds of butterflies and flowers sewn in and…for me, personally, it’s overwrought. And it’s been done. Too much. Maybe if we went the next five years without seeing a dress like this it could come back and make me love it. But we’ll likely see it at the Golden Globes. And the Grammys. And the SAGs. And the Oscars. So, no, right now, I need a break. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I will click on anything with Oreo in the headline and this will probably result in a virus on my computer one day. The new Oreo flavour has been identified. Am beginning to think that these new Oreo flavours are an internet hoax because they are never available where I live and it’s not like I don’t live in a major city. Oreo + fruit loops? GIMME. Also… to be clear, this post is not sponsored by Oreos. But it should be. Why isn’t this entire site sponsored by Oreos? I would do anything to be an Oreos spokesperson. That is shameless, what I’ve just done. I know. But I love them so much and they never pay attention to me. (Pop Sugar) 

Conor McGregor is shouting about Rita Ora and his girlfriend and this is how Rita Ora gets herself in the news now but… can Conor McGregor name a Rita Ora Song? I’m going to say no. Because that is the only answer. (TMZ) 

I only started wearing sunscreen like day and night no matter the season a few years ago. Really wish I had started doing this sooner. On my face, I don’t go any lower than 50. Anyway, here’s an article about the importance of sunscreen. Because you don’t want a dent in your head, OMGGGGG! (Teen Vogue) 

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