As we’ve been anticipating, Meghan Markle is spending the day with the Queen in Cheshire after a sleepover on the royal train. Royal Meghan wore Givenchy and the shoulders were not a problem. The shoulders are very much NOT a problem. Almost as though she was like, you want me to hide my shoulders? Here. I’m hiding my f-cking shoulders, are you f-cking happy now? Or maybe she just liked the dress. 

The Queen, we’ve heard, wants to spend time with Meghan, to guide her into her new role. And, in doing so, she would know that this day together will be taken as a sign of her support and approval of Meghan. There really is no downside, despite the fact that Meghan was unsure about how to get in the car. Which is what the British papers are fixating on. This is the moment they’re referring to:  

I mean, if I saw that clip without caption, without having read any of the headlines about Meghan’s “protocol” problem, I would not have paused. But you know how it works with these people. Everything is a goddamn fork and spoon lesson. Only…it doesn’t seem like it was. 

William Hanson is a royal etiquette expert. I interviewed him when I was in England covering the royal wedding last month. Pretty sure I tested his patience. Because I had no patience for all this bullsh-t, like how to stir your f-cking tea and why a woman should never cross her legs over her knees. Seriously?!? What’s going to happen? Give me the rationale. Anyway, the point is, William knows all about royal propriety. I’m telling you, if there was a breach of protocol over getting in the car, he would be shading it, God.  

And it’s not like the Queen was fussed. As you can see in these photos, the Queen seemed to enjoy Meghan’s company. These are wide smiles. And…wait… oh look…is Her Majesty actually laughing!?


They were giggling over something for sure:


This is why I love playing Photo Assumption. Because in a moment you can go from this…


To this…


And it’s especially hilarious when you’re dealing with senior citizens. Resting Bitch Face gets better as you age. I already have a wonderful RBF. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I’m the Queen’s age, if I’m lucky enough to make it that far.