The Queen of the World and Royal Meghan

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 19, 2018 15:38:01 September 19, 2018 15:38:01

On September 25, ITV will air a two part programme about Queen Elizabeth and her next generation. We will see her dedication to the Commonwealth and how Princes Charles, William, Harry, and Meghan Markle will carry on that dedication and how she’s been preparing them and herself for the transition. A trailer for the show has just been released. I have some thoughts. But watch first here or if that doesn’t work, try here.

First of all, the editing made me laugh. During Harry’s remarks about running into Her Majesty in the corridor and trying not to panic, there’s a shot of him greeting people while an officer in the foreground picks his nose. 



I mean, sure, not everyone is as immature as I am but also? I work in TV production. There are several stages of cutting a trailer. And there are several layers of approvals. I can guarantee you, most of the producers I’ve worked with, including producers who also write on this site – Duana, Sasha, Joanna, Kathleen – would have chained themselves to the edit suite and not left rather than allowing this shot to stay in. 

Next, let’s discuss the order of appearance. Prince Charles shows up first, naturally. He is the immediate heir to the throne. But then… it’s Harry. Followed by Royal Meghan. And then Prince William rounds it out. Remember, while silly protocol manners like crossing legs and tea parties may have been relaxed, their whole sh-t rides on the major protocol symbols – hierarchy lists and orders etc – embedded into their DNA. 

Was this trailer cleared through them first? I cannot imagine they would have signed off on it with the nose-picking and a silent William appearing only after his brother and Meghan. That said, from a TV production perspective, that IS the right decision, even if the nose-picking wasn’t. Because Harry and Meghan are the headliners right now. They just got married. They’ve got all the shine right now. 

But I’m reminded of a story that came out earlier this year, before Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Remember back in January when people were talking about William’s haircut? It happened when his and Harry’s press office scheduled appearances for both of them at the same time. Will was visiting a hospital and Harry and Meghan were on a visit to Wales. And it was reported that Will would not have been happy about that because it’s more effective to spread out the spotlight, to make sure everyone gets their share so as to put proper focus on the projects they’re trying to promote. If that was true, that William would feel a way about Harry and Meghan taking focus that day away from what he was doing, then I wonder if big brother might not love that he’s not as popular, that in this trailer he, the actual future king, comes in at #4, and is definitely not positioned as the “tune in” draw. 

It’s hard to compete with a wedding dress though. And the shiny new beautiful member of the family that everyone is curious about who is shown on camera revisiting her wedding dress and speaking on camera about her veil and gets the last soundbite (“It’ll keep us busy”) in a documentary that’s supposed to be who the Queen is passing the torch to. 

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