Every year at Christmas, Her Majesty The Queen sends out her annual Christmas broadcast. This year’s broadcast was the highest rated programme of the evening as it’s a tradition in many British households to gather round the TV to hear the Queen’s holiday message. I really enjoyed how Her Majesty spoke about herself in the third person off the top of the broadcast. “A young woman” is how she referred to herself from 60 years ago. “Six decades on, the presenter has evolved somewhat, as has the technology she described.” 

The theme of Her Majesty’s 2017 message was home. She spoke about those whose homes were violated in 2017 and the courage of those who protected and honoured their homes, from Grenfell to Manchester, and all the places around and in between, in the face of tragedy through the year. And she spoke of her own home and her own family. Photos of her own family were placed strategy around her during her speech. And you’ll note that on the far left, a framed photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, taken the day they announced their engagement, sits next to a picture of Prince Charles and Camilla. 

Queen's address

This was taken to mean that the Queen specifically wanted us to know that she has included Meghan as a member of the family. These decisions are made deliberately. The Queen would have overseen exactly which portraits were presented during her broadcast. She’s made it clear that she has welcomed Meghan Markle. 

Please note, however, the photos that were placed closest to the Queen, on the table just next to her, for primetime viewing. There are two shots of her with Prince Philip – they’ve been married 70 years now after all – and she speaks of him fondly, recognising his decades of service, and acknowledging his retirement. This is a great sentence:

“Even Prince Philip has decided it's time to slow down a little – having, as he economically put it, ‘done his bit’.” 

But it’s not Prince Philip who sits nearest Her Majesty, is it? Oh no. It’s someone else. Someone in a blue shirt with a cheeky grin. That would be Big G. Look at him, in that money spot, grinning like he knows. This is exactly why he gets to kick the sh-t out of anyone who displeases. All he ever has to do when someone tries to tell him off (as IF anyone would try to tell him off) is pull up this video and shove it in their faces before ordering them to be beheaded.