Dear Gossips,   

Meghan Markle gets talked about a lot – the UK tabloids can’t stop talking about her, and profiting from talking about her – so it may seem as though she’s out a lot, but the truth is, Meghan actually isn’t seen all that often. It just doesn’t feel like it since British royal gossips are so obsessed with her (while claiming not to care about her), especially now since King Charles’s coronation is imminent. But what does it say about the king if so much of the focus of his coronation is not on him but on Meghan and Prince Harry? Is he really the main character of the biggest day of his life? 


As infrequent as Meghan sightings are though, yesterday there were two of them. First she introduced her friend Misan Harriman’s Ted Talk via video…


And then she and Harry went to the Lakers game. Most celebrities of the Sussexes’ status, as we know, are courtside at Lakers games. But Harry and Meghan weren’t just there to watch playoff basketball. It was a team building event with staff members from their foundation so they were in box seats but still seen on the big screen which the NBA shared on IG: 


And they got a good game! A historic game! LeBron tied it with 0.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter to send it into OT and become the oldest player in NBA history to drop a 20-20 game in the playoffs. And it was the first time he’s done that in his career! At this point in his career! He’s 38! Sorry about all the exclamation points but his longevity is unreal. When asked about it later, LeBron’s response: “Pretty cool, I guess”. 

To go back to my original point though – what a game for Harry and Meghan to attend. I mean I’m not sure they appreciated the sports stats of it all, lol, but these are the moments you can brag about years later. “I was there when LeBron…” 

Who, as we know, is known as King James. Some would say that this is the king that’s really worth seeing. 

Yours in gossip,