Let’s start with the letter that was signed by 72 female British Members of Parliament earlier this week in support of Meghan Markle. The MPs were objecting to the “outdated, colonial undertones” in the stories by the British tabloids about Meghan. It was revealed yesterday that Meghan called MP Holly Lynch to thank her. When asked about the phone call, MP Lynch told Bazaar.com that

“She wanted to say that she appreciated the gesture and to pass on her thanks to all the women who have signed. We spoke about how being a woman in the public eye it can sometimes feel like a lonely place to be but there’s actually a lot of us that feel this way and when we work together we can be a real force for good, bringing about the changes that we want to see.”

That’s the full quote. That’s the context. Only the Daily Mail tweaked it. And MP Holly Lynch objected: 

As you can see from the Daily Mail’s headline, MP Lynch’s quote has been misrepresented. The way the Daily Mail makes it sound, Meghan was confiding to MP Lynch about how lonely she is – and as MP Lynch clarifies on Twitter, that’s not how it went down. But the Daily Mail’s interpretation makes it sound to their readers like Meghan’s out here sobbing at politicians about being lonely. 

Despite the correction though, it didn’t stop that blowhard Piers Morgan from jumping in:

And MP Lynch wasn’t having it: 

They wrote a letter objecting to publications like the Daily Mail advancing an irresponsible narrative where Meghan is concerned, and then the Daily Mail, not two days later, does the very thing they’re being criticised for. Still waiting on Piers’s column about Prince Andrew though.

In other Sussex news, they updated their Instagram today for the new month to support members of the armed forces and their families:


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And before that they put up a Halloween post:


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And everyone flipped out because they referred to Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor as their “little pumpkin”. The adorable nickname! Prince Harry and Meghan’s cute nickname for Archie – revealed! Apparently the Sussexes are the only parents in the whole world to refer to their kids as their “pumpkin” on October 31. 

Finally, the Sussexes went for a full top line on the IG grid over 24 hours as Meghan shared footage from her recent trip to Luminary Bakery. Luminary was featured in the issue of British Vogue that she guest-edited a couple of months ago and she visited the bakery to meet with women who access their services and their sweets. 


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Bryony Gordon, who interviewed Prince Harry for her podcast about mental health a couple of years ago, was invited to join and she reported on the visit for The Telegraph. After meeting survivors of abuse who are finding comfort and mentorship at Luminary, Meghan shared with the group in an informal speech that: 

“We get into this habit of wanting things done immediately nowadays. There's a culture of instant gratification, of the instant fix. But we aren't mechanical objects that need to be fixed. You're a wounded creature that needs to be healed, and that takes time." 

Bryony also said that Meghan asked not to be called by her royal title, preferring “Meghan” instead and that she doesn’t “want people to love her” but instead she wants to be heard – which seemed to be more of statement intended to highlight the stories of the women who were at Luminary, some of whom are recovering from domestic violence, and their desire to be understood and not judged. But, of course, it applies across the board. 


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