I mean, wouldn’t that be the ultimate freakout? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and BTS, the boy band? That is not what this post is about, sorry. But BTS does mean behind-the-scenes. Behind the scenes of Harry and Meghan’s first joint interview on the BBC with Mishal Husain yesterday. Did you see? There’s no audio but you don’t need it. All you need is the body language and their interactions with each other:

So in the post previous to this one, I just showed you Princess Kate’s reaction to Harry and Meghan’s engagement today. It was formal and reserved. And now here are Harry and Meghan being goofs on camera. As Diana foretold so many years ago, it’s really the difference between the heir and spare. Harry has a freedom that William doesn’t have. That freedom extends to his partner. 

And still, it’s not just about lineage, right? As we’ve seen over the last few years, during Harry’s rise and reign as the most popular royal, Harry has his mother’s way. Yesterday, Princess Diana’s former personal chef, Darren McGrady, told us, straight up, on camera on live television on The Social, that Prince Harry was his favourite. Because he reminds him most of Diana. That Harry IS Diana and carries himself with the same natural magnetism that she used to have. And it would appear that like William, whose partner matches his specific sensibility, Harry’s found a partner who complements his charisma. As we saw yesterday, Meghan easily matched Harry’s star quality – and may even have outshone him. As we’re seeing here, in these candid behind-the-scenes moments, Meghan shares Harry’s irresistible charm. They’re playful together. She brings out even more playfulness in him. 

But before this turns into one giant gush, let’s take a moment to appreciate her game. Meghan Markle can f-cking PLAY. From a gossip perspective, this might have been the most exciting development out of the engagement. That we were seeing for the first time a very sophisticated strategist. As I wrote yesterday, Meghan Markle’s revealing to us some Angelina Jolie level media savvy. And there is no downside to this. It’s been a long time since there’s been someone in that family who understands that this is a SHOW. And she happens to be an entertainer. 

Look at how he’s looking at her. We are in for an entire marriage of this.