After all that talk about “no ring no bring” a few weeks ago, it’s now being widely reported that Meghan Markle will attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding with Prince Harry. According to E! News, Meghan will be at the ceremony, the reception, and the after-party; in other words, she’s invited to all parts of the wedding, not just the reception as was initially suggested. E! News is also reporting that Meghan’s had two fittings in Toronto for the event. We’ll get back to Meghan and Harry in a minute but first, remember when, before it was bought out by American Media Inc (publisher of the Enquirer and Star Magazine, etc), US Weekly was the one getting the best exclusives about Meghan and Harry? As I mentioned, following the purchase, most – if not all – of US Weekly’s best connected reporters left the magazine. You can see now the results of that and track where the information is being placed. Keep an eye on PEOPLE’s upcoming royal coverage too. They were being out-played by US Weekly for a while but now that US Weekly has changed management, they could benefit too from the fallout.

So Meghan and Harry at Pippa’s wedding – if Meghan’s not just restricted to the reception and is welcome at the ceremony and the more intimate after-party as well, it might speak to the fact that there’s actually less drama to the situation than you’d think. Or Pippa, at least, wants to give the appearance of zero drama and magnanimity. Like, I’m not petty, I’m not worried that Meghan will steal my shine, I’m happy as long as Harry is happy. Sure. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other complications.

I mean, if you’re Meghan Markle, what’s your approach to your wedding outfit? If I’m Meghan Markle, I’m thinking about what Princess Kate is wearing. Presumably everyone is going to wear different outfits at the ceremony and at the reception. Does Meghan Markle pick her wedding wardrobe based on whatever she wants to wear, whatever she looks spectacular in? Or does she pick her wedding wardrobe with consideration about just how spectacular she will look in relation to others? What happens if Meghan Markle is better dressed at a Middleton family event than Catherine Cambridge, the future Queen of England? She’ll already be a major focus at this wedding. On someone else’s wedding day. So the best play here might be to stay as low key as possible. Because you don’t want to risk killing it on the fashion and then the headlines in the British papers the next day blazing, “MEGHAN MARKLE BEST DRESSED AT PIPPA’s WEDDING!” and “MEGHAN MARKLE STEALS THE SHOW FROM PIPPA!” Which then leads to more headlines the day after that all like, “MEGHAN MARKLE WAS AN ATTENTION WHORE AT PIPPA’S WEDDING”. And no one wants to be the girl who’s called a famewhore at someone else’s wedding. Especially when… ummmmm… we’re all waiting to see if she’s heading towards her own wedding…?