Farts on a plane! Has this ever happened to you? Some flatulence drama went down on a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam recently and several people ended up getting kicked off and banned for life from flying on that airline. This is a very important issue about travelling. If you know you’re going to be travelling the next day, do you manage your diet accordingly? Not just for the comfort and the clean air of the people around you but for yourself? Being on a flight is already an immediate bloat inducer. You don’t need to add to that with bloaty foods the day before. Because, ultimately, it’s uncomfortable for you, the farter, to be sitting there, for hours, without being able to move, and all that gas just having a party inside of you. For me, whenever I know I’m about to fly, I always eat clean the day before, maybe even several days before. Especially since constipation is such an issue for me. I am thinking on your behalf too. (Dlisted) 

Meghan Markle isn’t even married to Prince Harry yet and already she’s showing her work. We’ve seen her show her work when she’s with Harry at their official engagements. And she’s showing her work now in staffing, with a new hire assigned specifically to her schedule. This is important. Good work happens when you’re organised, prepared, and supported. You need resources, you need to invest in those resources. And it would appear that Meghan is starting that early. (Cele|bitchy) 

Sterling K Brown is so f-cking cute, I love him so much. Watch how excited he is to be hosting Saturday Night Live. I don’t do sh-t on the weekends so I’ll definitely be watching this but even if I had plans I would cancel because, well, I have high expectations. Sterling K Brown wins everything. He’ll probably win another Emmy just for doing this. Does this mean every SKB sketch on SNL is going to be him at some other award show accepting an award? (Pop Sugar) 

The Black Panther box office domination has gone up even more today since I last mentioned it. Black Panther has now made more money on opening weekend than Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I mean, it was a big ass deal 9 hours ago when I started blogging this morning. And yesterday, and Sunday, and Saturday, and all the days. But it’s a really, really big f-cking deal that the movie has opened higher than The Last Jedi. The Last Jedi was the highest grossing film of all of 2017. Think about what that might mean for Black Panther. So anyway, have you seen Black Panther yet? I’m thinking you have, because of that box office. So… you know who M’Baku is by now. Which means you’re in love with him, right? I know Duana is. She kept texting me about him on Saturday night after we saw it. (Pajiba) 

Justin Bieber’s dad got married in Montego Bay yesterday. JB was there. And so was Selena Gomez. So she’s joining in on family gatherings now…and it’s a built-in holiday together. You know, they say that at weddings, people get caught up in the emotion and the wedding fever spreads. You think they’ll catch it? (TMZ) 

Chloe Kim made the cover of Sports Illustrated! Asians don’t often appear on the cover of magazines in North America. It’s a moment. And her moment could stretch out over the next 8 to 12 years since she’s only 17. Millennials are Olympians now and they’re changing the sports game. This is a good article about what that will mean for sport and the business of sport. (Sports Illustrated)