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Dear Gossips, 

I really wanted to wake up this morning to photos of Serena Williams on her wedding day. There are many photos of her many celebrity guests taken by the paparazzi – but none of Serena. Because the Greatest Of All Time would have, of course, been able to elude the paparazzi. Serena will post her wedding photos on her own time on her own terms. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait. Anna Wintour was there. Will Serena’s wedding be featured in VOGUE? Or will Serena just go social for her wedding pictures? 

Prior to the wedding, there was a rumour that Meghan Markle would be there with Prince Harry. Meghan Markle was not seen in New Orleans. But this showed up on Instagram: 

It was reported earlier this week that Meghan would not be returning to Suits for season 8. The network has yet to confirm that news but this caption, by her body double, is more verification. And it’s a sign that Meghan’s almost wrapped on Suits season 7. Which means…what, exactly? 

Well, many are hoping it means that she’ll head straight to London and announce her engagement to Prince Harry. The Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their platinum anniversary on Monday. There’s to be a private celebration at Windsor Castle. So it seems unlikely that Harry will be announcing anything at least before Monday. But I’m told that starting Tuesday, many British media outlets will be on standby, prepared to cut into a scheduled programming the minute that Harry’s possible engagement becomes a reality. Again, Meghan hasn’t even officially stepped out in public with Harry yet in the UK. Will the first time she’s formally introduced to the British public be as his fiancée? I’m skeptical. Not because I don’t want it to happen – of course I do. And, yes, Harry has dispensed with protocol in the past. I’m just not sure doing it this way is a good look. Think of the optics. She finishes her work on Suits, then rushes onto a plane to London, and three days later, they step into the spotlight like ta-da! We’re getting married!?! 

The royal family’s approach to these situations is usually quite elegant. They take their breath. Nothing is ever perceived to be frantic – frantic is an associate of desperate. At least that’s how it used to be. You could argue that the modern royals are pushing things forward. And still, their brand is tradition, a steady, reliable institution that, sure, makes adjustments according to the times, but also keeps just enough of its signature to feel permanent. Certain standards still have to be observed. If Meghan marries Harry, this is what she’s stepping into. I wonder if Harry will want her to get used to that for a while first. 

Or…f-ck it. Should they just turn the whole thing into a Bruno Mars song?


Have a great weekend!


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