As we get ever closer to the blessed day when the Trumps will leave the White House, some people are talking about how Melania Trump never got any fashion magazine covers. Well, sure, but if she did, would she be OK with being asked about the infamous “I don’t care do you” coat that she wore to visit with migrant children, one of the rare times she wore an affordable piece of clothing? (Cele|bitchy)


Constance Wu had a baby six months ago. Nobody knew she was even dating her boyfriend, Ryan Kattner, let alone the fact that she was pregnant. There have been a handful of celebrities, like Mindy Kaling and Billie Lourd, who’ve been able to keep their pregnancies out of the headlines in 2020 and there will be at least one more person in 2021 who will let us know that they were pregnant in lockdown. I suspect it’ll be more than one. (Dlisted)

If you’re not following Gabrielle Union on Instagram you’ve been missing out on a lot of great 2020 fashion, in a year where there really hasn’t been all that much fashion. I love every single outfit the Fug Girls have highlighted here, especially the Tibi pantsuit. And my only note for improvement is that I wish she gave us one shot of herself standing up because I need a better look at those pants! They’re culotte length but… with sweatpant cuffs? More pants like this please! (Go Fug Yourself)

What were your favourite Twitter moments of 2020? This week, I think the Hilaria Baldwin business has to be up there. The thirst tweets over Steve Kornacki. This one is pretty great but you can only really truly appreciate it on the Twitter app I think. And I will never ever not laugh at this one. But this collection here is…well I hadn’t seen a third of them so it was like Twitter Christmas. (Pajiba)

What are you doing for New Year’s? What else? Staying home, probably. Are you having champagne or prosecco? Are you ordering takeout? That is exactly what I’ll be doing – pizza and bubbles and Zoom. Did you know that sparkling wine goes really well with fast food? (Eater)