Let me put on my Duana hat here for a minute to talk about this Game of Thrones name thing: Khaleesi and/or Daenerys, and people giving these names to their children, and whether or not there’s regret since, you know, the Mother of Dragons did what she did. Why is this even a discussion? Was it a discussion about the name Jax and Sons of Anarchy? Or people naming their kids Loki? Or Kylo, for Kylo Ren, WHO KILLED HIS OWN FATHER? His father happened to be HAN SOLO! No. It was not an issue – and you know why? Because those are “boys” names. But we’re suddenly now all twisted up and conflicted because girls are being named after a mass murderer tyrant. Girls can be assholes too! Let us be assholes! 

Surprise move here from Melissa McCarthy. She’s hosting a kids’ talent TV show. Not what we would have predicted for her, especially not after her recent Oscar nomination. She’s headlining in comedy and drama now. She’s a major name in the business. And this… came out of nowhere. But I can see the upside. There’s a lot of financial potential here – and that kind of investment, if it pays off, is more power for her production company. (Cele|bitchy) 

Once again Yara Shahidi shows us that the things she wears, not everyone can wear. Last night she wore a sequined dress, with a striped train, over jeans. That’s a LOT. Somehow, on her, it doesn’t feel like a lot. On her, of course, it looks amazing. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you seen Spike Lee’s Inside Man? It’s a really, really good heist movie. I think it’s among the best heist movies. And it did well at the box office. For whatever reason – you know the f-cking reason – Spike’s never been able to get the sequel made. But oh sure, people are out here hustling for Mel Gibson and Johnny Depp. (Pajiba) 

The Kardashian-Jenner empire keeps growing. At this rate, in less than 10 years, they’ll be manufacturing their own cars. (TMZ) 

What do you eat for breakfast? Is it the kind of food that qualifies as “breakfast” in North America? I eat a lot of eggs for breakfast from Monday to Friday, only because western food is the cafeteria option. On the weekend, when I’m not buying from the work cafeteria, breakfast for me is steamed pork, or shrimp, or fried dumplings, or noodles, or rice, sometimes a tuna sandwich, maybe even some sushi if there’s any left over. Two weeks ago I had meatloaf for breakfast and I’ve been trying to get back to that happiness ever since. Have you ever considered “breaking” breakfast? (The Atlantic)